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Isaiah55:1 “Is anyone thirsty?
Come and drink— even if you have no money!Come, take your choice of wine or milk— it’s all free (NLT).

While reading Benny Hinn’s account on how he had a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit, one thing I saw from the whole story was his thirst for the Spirit’s encounter. He wanted a definite and deep experience with the Holy Spirit and he got it.

There is more to knowing the Holy Spirit than speaking in tongues. All that some people desire is tongues whereas they can get the giver of tongues in deeper dimension.

The Holy Spirit of God has several symbols that were used to represent Him in the bible. One of such is wine(Matt9:16-17, Eph5:18) and water (John7:37-39).

In the opening text, we were told that we should come and drink wine and milk. That scripture is a call to a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

If you have seen a man drunk with wine, he doesn’t care about his environment or those around him, he speaks gibberish and he’s unashamed.

Being filled with the Holy Ghost can be likened to someone that is drunk. When you drink from the well of the Spirit, you don’t dwell on challenges anymore. You’ll become bold and daring.

After the retreat of Jesus in the wilderness, he came back empowered and He was bold to say ‘the Spirit of the Lord is upon me’.

The Spirit of God is free for all who desire to have Him. You cannot experience the Holy Spirit beyond your level of hunger and thirst for Him.

*PRAYER*: Father, I receive the grace to drink continuously from the well of the Spirit In Jesus name.