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Eph6:18 *Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere* (NLT).

Sometimes ago, while I driving to a building site to check the progress of work done by the carpenters, I was prompted by the Spirit to pray so I began to pray in tongues.

It was as though God was preparing me for something. When I got to the building site, we decided to climb on the wood they prepared for decking. While climbing the ladder, I asked the bricklayer, “what If we see a snake on the decking”? The carpenter was silent as we climbed.

When we got to the decking table, not up to 2 minutes, I heard someone banging the decking floor. When we looked back, the carpenter was trying to kill a long green Mamba snake. It was an unusual place to find a snake because they had work on the building for days and one would expect that reptiles should have left.

After hitting the snake, the carpenter said he was silent deliberately when I asked the bricklayer about the possibility of seeing a snake on the decking floor while climbing because my question was senseless but he agreed I made sense after the snake showed up. I paraphrased what he said.

It was after the whole episode I knew what the Spirit was preparing me for in the place of prayer while driving to the building site. If I had not prayed, something evil may have happened to any of us.

Being in the Spirit and tuning to his frequency is to our advantage at all times. God doesn’t want things to catch us by surprise.  You must be sensitive at all times to know when the Spirit of God want you to settle in the place of prayer ahead of time.

The man that pray in tongues consistently shouldn’t find it hard tuning to the frequency of the Spirit. Just like a transistor radio, if you want to get clear radio waves signal, you must learn to tune to the right frequency.

It is possible to sense what is ahead spiritually and take care of whatever the enemy may be planning in the place of prayer. Just tune to the frequency of the Spirit always by praying in tongues.

And when the Spirit of God reveal what the enemy is planning, it may come as though it is a bad thought going through your mind. That very thing you call bad thought is what the Spirit want you to pray against. Don’t ignore it, pray about it.

*ACTION POINT*: Pray for a minimum of 30 minutes in tongues every day. By doing so, your spirit man will be alert to pick spiritual signals.