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Proverbs12:24 The hand of the diligent shall exercise rule, but the slothful shall be under tribute.


Be intentional about developing a good attitude to work.

Work is not the result of our fallen nature. God gave Adam work to do even before the fall. So, we are expected to approach work with a good attitude.

I read about a young man that was recommended for a job interview.

When his interviewer asked what his contribution will be to the company, he said he had the anointing of Jacob that can transform the life of Laban. That’s funny, isn’t it?

I don’t think any employer will love to hear that because it shows how unserious he was.

This is a job seeker that was jobless for a period of time. If he had the anointing of Jacob that could transform, why can’t he use the same anointing to transform his life instead of looking for a job?

I have seen Christians with bad attitude to work and at work. Most times, they cover this bad attitude with a garb of ‘spirituality’.

Some will resume work late and give excuses that are not tenable. Some use vigils as an excuse for lateness or laziness at work. They sleep almost all day.

When we put up such attitude at work, we misrepresent God in the market place among unbelivers.

Stop threatening your boss at work. Don’t present yourself as irreplaceable. Obey the policy of your company. If you cannot abide, resign. Don’t form a rebel club against your boss at work.

Don’t forget that it took him a while to build that organization. You see things from the perspective of an employee while he sees things from the perspective of an employer.

You can talk to your boss about issues without being insultive. If your demands are unmet, peacefully quit. Don’t bang that door, you made need to pass through the same door again at other times.

Christian employers, ensure you pay salaries on time. Don’t use the salary of your staff to fund your extravagant life hoping to get it back somehow.

Ensure you owe no man. Don’t promise to pay what you can’t afford because you want to attract employees. Be honest and truthful.

If you are an artisan, quit lying to your clients and deliver quality services.

To standout from others, give a guarantee and promise to fix whatever problem may arise under the guaranteed period.

I noticed that most artisans have lost good customers because of lies even some Christian artisans are not exempted.

My former mechanic collected money to replace the engine seat of my vehicle. When I checked what he did, I discovered he didn’t replace the bad engine seat.

He used super glue and sand to mend the broken part. He lost me as his customer and I can never recommend anyone to him again. That’s how some artisans lost customers.

Assess how you’ve been working and why you haven’t made progress, it could be because of bad attitude.

Be intentional about developing good attitude to work and you’ll benefit from it greatly.

ACTION POINT: Be intentional about improving your delivery at work. As a Christian, on grounds of quality service delivery, integrity, diligence and honesty, you should emerge as the best staff. As a Christian employer, your reputation among your employees must be Christ-like.