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Ephesians 5:29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: KJV


Be intentional about living healthy. You need sound health to execute God’s plans and purposes for your life. No good health, no fulfilment.

I was told the story of a young, vibrant and dynamic minister who died at the age of 29.

In his few years of ministry, God used him mightily but he did not care about his health. On his death bed, he said: ‘God gave me a horse and a message, I did not take care of the horse so I couldn’t deliver the message'(paraphrasing).

That’s deep. The horse was his body and the message meant his assignment. Indirectly, he was saying that he damaged his body(horse) and couldn’t fulfil ministry( message).

No matter your dreams, visions and aspirations are, bad health can kill them. In the name of ‘faith’, some have died cheaply.

You can’t eat anyhow, live in dirty environment, deprive yourself of rest and still claim to be living by faith. That’s not faith, that carelessness and foolishness combined.

When I was much younger as a believer, testimonies of some fathers who claimed not to have been to the hospital in decades got me. However, as I grew in the Lord, I discovered most of them have strict health discipline that has helped them to stay healthy in decades- exercise and regular medical check up inclusive.

The power of God heals but the wisdom of God is what keeps us in health.

You’re God’s investment. He doesn’t want you to die without fulfilling your assignment. His desire is for you to profit him because he invested so much in you.

There are christians that see every sickness as ‘arrow or demonic attack’. Instead of getting proper care medically, they run to prayer houses.

Yes, sickness is fundamentally from the devil but in some cases, it is caused by our carelessness. God’s wisdom for a cure has been made available medically.

I am not against faith healing, I believe in God’s power to heal. However, when your faith cannot stand alone, medical care isn’t a sin that’s why we don’t preach to people to stop using their medications except they are convinced deeply.

If you want to last, watch what you eat. You can only live healthy If you eat healthy. Exercise your body and watch your weight, obesity doesn’t help. Check your blood pressure regularly and your blood sugar as recommended by doctors.

Go for medical check up and seek medical counsel where necessary. It is not a sin. Failure to care for your health is a sign that you hate yourself.

PRAYER: Father, i receive grace to care for my health In Jesus name.