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Job 6:29 Stop assuming my guilt, for I have done no wrong NLT


I read about a man who often sniff his wife’s panties and private part for the fragrance of condom. He wanted to be sure she’s not having extra marital affairs.

That’s absurd, isn’t it? There are women who do same to their husbands. They live in a state of permanent suspicion towards their husbands. They check their lips for lipstick stains and sniff their shirt for a different fragrance of perfume.

I agree some persons have broken faith with their spouses and walked on a sinful path that warranted suspicion. However, some persons have no basis whatsoever for their suspicion.

They are wired never to trust. If you’re in relationship with someone who suspect you always, please run.

Similar to suspicion is the feeling of insecurity. Often, an insecure partner is not confortable with the progress of the other person. He/she feels threatened as the other rises.

Most times, this is common to the male gender. In the part of the world where I come from, it seemed to have a tacit support societally. Some persons just believe a succesful single lady won’t be submissive.

The submission of a woman to her husband is tied to her persona not necessarily her status. She can be poor and still be unsubmissive. This I have seen severally.

Partly, this account for why we have many mature successful single ladies still praying for a spouse. The society has raised/taught the men that should marry them to be insecure around them.

A brother once told me he can’t marry a woman who has a higher degree than his. He was raised in the school of insecurity.

I have seen men who pegged their wives’ growth and progress because of their insecurity. They believe once she rises, she may become uncontrollable and unsubmissive. Instead of empowering her, they “paralyse” her.

Insecurity is one of the fuel that made some men insist their wives to become sit-at-home moms for kitchen and “other room” duties. If that’s all a girl child is design for, why “waste” money on her schooling?

Dear single, If he/she is insecure about your dreams and vision, If you notice he/she may structure your life to keep you on the same spot when you have greatness in you, please run.

Don’t sign up for a life of misery because of love. Marriage should make you better and not bitter.

ACTION POINT: Does she suspect you always? Is he an insecure partner who thinks women should be kept humble by keeping them at the lower cadre of life? If yes, please run.

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