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Proverbs 18:1 An unfriendly person pursues selfish ends and against all sound judgment starts quarrels


The late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya shared the experience of a sister. This sister was everywhere with a particular brother.

Everyone assumed they were planning to marry. Brothers in church didn’t bother approaching her because there was an assumption in their hearts that she was taken.

One day, her pastor asked when she’ll be getting married to this brother. She said the brother hasn’t mentioned anything about marriage after four years. Her pastor knew something might be wrong.

She counseled her to ask him who she was to him and when they’ll be getting married. This lady took the bull by the horn and asked him this question in an eatery in one of their outings.

The brother responded by saying “We are just friends, nothing more”. This lady couldn’t eat any longer because she wasted four years with a brother who friend zoned her and shielded others from coming.

Dear single, stop runnig around with a brother or sister that is not ready to commit him/herself to your future maritally.

One of the bane of modern dating is lack of commitment. Two persons will be close, going out and sometimes be committing sin yet no iota commitment.

Everyone sees them together yet their relationship lacks commitment towards a stable future together. The spirit of time waster is often present in such relationships.

I believe in reasonable friendship and then courtship. A relationship with a definite intention and purpose heading somewhere.

It is no pride to have dated several persons and still counting. They wear dating around as a badge, always in trial and error relationship. When will those brothers be committed to your future?

It is not only brothers that waste the time of sisters, some sisters also waste brothers time. They will collect all gifts and enjoy all outings yet say “I’m still praying”.

How can a brother chase you for years, you’ve been collecting his gifts, enjoying crucial moments with him and you accepted his offer to help your family & siblings yet you keep saying you’re praying about his proposal.

Beware of those that enjoy your company for the moment but do not want to make a life-long commitment.

Don’t allow anyone roam around you like flies telling you sweet nonsense. If he/she isn’t ready for commitment after a reasonable time together, run.

May the demon of time waster not journey with you in life in Jesus name.

ACTION: Brother, If you have no plans to marry that sister, quit. Sister, stop collecting chocolates and gifts from a brother you won’t marry neither should you waste his time with the “I’m praying” mantra common to time wasting sisters.