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Deut8:18- You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day. ESV


Yes! Everyone must acquire financial intelligence intentionally this year. One aspect of our lives we can’t deny is the financial aspect. I discover that great wisdom is needed in that aspect of our life.

No matter how spiritual you are, If you lack basic financial intelligence, you may have serious financial problems and you’ll wonder why you’re in crisis. This doesn’t exclude ministers.

You may have come across the phrase ‘financial intelligence’ without knowing the meaning or probably an ambiguous meaning was given when you heard it.

What is financial intelligence? In lay man’s definition, it means to be intelligent about financial matters. It revolves round what you earn, how to manage your income and how to intelligently multiply your income(s) through investments.

No matter how spiritual you are, you need financial intelligence to live comfortably. It is God’s will for you to have your needs met and your bills paid.

In today’s world where the economies of some nations aren’t strong coupled with inflation, unemployment and recession, you need financial intelligence.

It starts with proper management of your finances and then multiplying it. As a rule of thumb, do not spend more than you earn.

I heard someone testifying that he spends more than his income, that is financial foolishness and such would result in indebtedness (Rom13:8).

You must learn to live on a budget and stick to it. To achieve that, ask yourself, what is my total income? Your budget should not exceed your income.

Do not live to impress or keep up with the Joneses. Living within your means is a great sign of wisdom and contentment.

Live in a house you can pay the rent easily and put your children in a school whose fees you can afford. Life evolves from one stage to the other. What you can’t afford today, you’ll afford tomorrow as your income increases.

When I wanted to marry, I told a woman I was looking for a room and parlour self contain. She said, “A man of your stature should live in two bedroom apartment”( paraphrase). I knew I couldn’t fund renting a two bedroom. I simply went for what I could afford.

Don’t succumb to pressure that will leave you indebted. It is not wise for people to suggest what to buy and how to spend when you don’t have such in plan. Do not spend on impulse, that’s the beginning of poverty.

The marketers of products have a way of making you buy what you never intended buying and paying later. It is a trap, don’t fall for it.

This year, you don’t need to buy every “Aso Ebi”( party clothes). What some persons spend on “Aso Ebi” in a calendar year, If saved, It can meet other important needs in their lives.

Let this wise counsel guide you all through the year.

PRAYER: Receive grace to be financially intelligent In Jesus name.