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1Thess5:17- Pray without ceasing. KJV


One of the things you need to know is that there are no new counsel for the new year. We only need to re emphasize the truths we’ve been teaching all these years.

In fact, you may not need to set new goals If you haven’t achieved the previous. All you need do is to be intentional about them.

This year, you need to be intentional about your prayer life.

Whenever we talk about the subject of prayer, what comes to mind of some is the prayer exercise chosen by the church.

Some think in terms of being faithful in attending prayer meetings and prayer crusades. That’s fine. I love corporate prayer but that is not enough to satisfy my cravings for deeper fellowship with God.

Prayer is a vital element of your fellowship with God that you must not joke with.

In this new year, your prayer life must not be occasional or ceremonial. It must be daily and consistent.

This is a year for those that are in touch with heaven constantly. On the first day of this year, among other things, we talked about being directed by God in all areas of our lives.

The channel through which divine direction comes is opened and sharpened through prayer because prayer is a dialogue and not a monologue. Prayer prepares and conditions us for God’s will.

The power for sustenance is released through prayer. Proud people don’t pray. They always think they’re smart enough to get things done without God.

When Jesus said we cannot do anything without Him in John15:5, he was pointing us to the place of prayer, abiding in Christ and total trust in God.

Those that don’t pray today may become a prey. Prayer is a navigation tool for the year, you’ll always need it.

Make prayer a daily and hourly culture. Don’t try to pray like praying Hyde in one single day, start gradually and be consistent but you have to be intentional about it.

The flesh doesn’t want to pray but be intentional about it.

PRAYER: Father, baptize me with the Spirit of prevailing prayer In Jesus name.