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The issue of oral sex has divided thoughts and views even amongst preachers of the gospel. To start with, there is no place in the bible where it was expressly stated that oral sex is wrong for couples but in my own perspective and personal belief, I think it is dirty and animalistic for anyone to practice such. Note that I’m talking from my personal opinion and not from scriptures.

A long time ago, I did a lot of study along this line. I saw the issue of oral sex from several perspectives:

  1. Perspective of Nature/Creation
  2. Historical perspective/culture
  3. Spiritual perspective
  4. Medical perspective


When we look at the anatomy of a man and woman, nature itself tells us what our sexual organs are made for and how they should be used. Sexual intercourse is instinctual in everyone and it is not something you need a tutorial for. When a man looks at himself, he sees his penis and something deep within tells him what it should be used for and where to insert it, likewise women. When you look at your mouth, without anyone telling you the function, you know it is for communicating and eating and that’s why even babies by instinct put objects in their mouth.

I hold the view that oral sex is a product of perversion because when a thing is not used for its purpose, perversion or abuse of that thing is what occurs just as it is in the case of anal sex. Oral sex is an abuse of the mouth. The natural use of the mouth isn’t for sex. During love-making, it is natural for mouths to make contact and it has been right from creation but when the mouth goes to the vagina to derive some pleasure, it is a misnomer.


Oral sex is a practice that is common amongst the pagans in Egypt. The Egyptians didn’t frown at oral sex because according to their mythology, when Osiris was killed by Seth his brother, Isis(Osiris wife) found his body cut into pieces but couldn’t find the penis and she sought to bring him back to life so she made a penis from clay and gave Osiris Oral Sex and brought him back to life – That’s Egyptian mythology. Egyptian ladies wore red lipstick to show men that they are good at giving oral sex. The pagans took that as a common practice. Isis and Osiris are Egyptian gods and they set the precedence of oral sex for their followers. I don’t think any child of God should follow the practice of the heathen. Even the ancient Egyptians openly masturbated because they believe life was created from sperm. It seems to me that most pervasive acts has demonic undertones and we must be careful.

God warned the children of Israel against the practices of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Canaanites and other gentile nations. If you have time, I’ll be glad you read up some ancient practices by some of these nations. It will give you the understanding on why God warned the Jews not to even marry them.

In ancient Roman Empire, if a noble man was discovered to have had oral sex, they treated such a fellow with disdain. Then, oral sex was used as a punishment for erring house helps. So ancient people that didn’t know God disdained it and the practice wasn’t welcomed. Also, I once read that oral sex is a rite in the Indian Kamasutra (idolatrous worship). All these evidences points to that fact that this practice seems to have a demonic undertone. Why should I engage in demonic practice that originated from demons in the name of pleasure?


As I said earlier, there is no ‘thou shall not have oral sex’ in the bible but we can infer from scriptures that the practice is not right. As I said earlier, oral sex is an offshoot of perversion just like anal sex, masturbation, sodomy, bestiality, homosexualism and lesbianism.

Romans1:26, “For this cause God gave them up unto VILE AFFECTIONS: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature…”

When sex is beyond the natural way, I see it as vile affection in display. You should note that I’m not making an iron-clad rule for you but my perspective and understanding on the subject matter is what you’re reading in this piece. When you ask some deliverance ministers, they have seen cases of demonization as a result of the practice of oral sex because it has historical links to the worship of some gods.


Medically, those that practice oral sex risk contacting diseases like HPV (Human papilloma virus), Chlamydia infection and STI’s. I read that oral sex is the 6th highest cause of oropharyngeal cancer. You even need to consider the hygiene of the vagina and penis. As a microbiologist, I was taught that the vagina of a woman has some microflora (micro-organism) that are almost always present. Those organisms are not to have contact with the mouth because they aren’t meant to be there.

The medical risk attached to oral sex is quite enormous. There is no need to argue further on the matter but rather, each man should pray and be convinced in his heart.