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John15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


I heard the story of three men who saw Jesus. He waved his hands to the first man and greeted him.

The second man received a hand shake from Jesus Christ while the third man was hugged by Jesus Christ.

A question arose on why Jesus hugged one of the three men but didn’t do that for the other two. Jesus answered by letting them know that the first two men are mature. They do not need assurance through close contact as a proof of his love.

The third man needed an assurance about God’s love because of doubts in his heart, so he received a hug but none was loved than the other. They’re loved equally but their understanding about God’s love differ.

If you have the wrong view about God, you may not get healed emotionally. One of the things the devil would keep away from you when you’re hurting is the unconditional love of God.

When the feeling of not being loved by God set in, depression may set in. You maybe tempted to start asking God where his face is. The enemy uses life’s challenges to make us feel unloved by God.

Another tool he uses is comparison. Satan will make us see people living a good life, those who might not be as committed as we are to God doing pretty fine.

When we begin to compare ourselves with others, we start doubting the love of God. How we respond to God’s love matters in moments of trial.

Emotional pains becomes worse the moment we see God as a distant person who doesn’t care.

Your view about God is important. Don’t let the devil preach his anti God sermons to you. God is not a tyrant neither is he a task master.

You need to know that no matter what you might be facing GOD CARES. Jesus told his listeners that God cloth the lilies of the field and feed the birds of the air(Luke12:28). That’s the extent of God’s love.

It is love that made God to send Jesus Christ to the earth to die for you and me. The presence of challenges in our lives doesn’t connote the absence of God’s love.

We were not promised a life that is trouble-free(John6:33) but we are assured of a victory filled life. Let it settle deep in your heart today that God’s love for you is constant even in your tough situation.

That’s the beginning of your healing.

CONFESSION: Father, i thank you for your love towards me. I thank you for redemption. I know you love me, help me to see you just as you are.