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Phil4:9 *Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you*. NLT

A craftman becomes better through practice. For those in the field of education, there is something they call “Teaching practice”.

After Education students have been taught pedagogy of teaching, class control, their core subject or course, curriculum, measurement and evaluation, and other vital things that they need to know, they would proceed to the classroom to practice those things.

The idea behind practice is to ensure that they internalize what they learnt in the course of their training and gain mastery of it.

The same applies to the Christian race. There are many believers that are full of learning but they have done far lesser than the lessons they’ve been exposed to.

Some believers attend all the bible study meetings there is, they are the first to register for conferences, seminars and retreat programmes. That’s good.

Apostle Paul is saying that you should start practicing those things you have been taught. Of what use is knowledge aquired that isn’t practiced?

*Your life can benefit from God’s word only to the extent at which you practice it*. Read and study your bible with the intent of practicing what you have read.

Don’t attend bible study meetings because you want to mark attendance or because you want to avoid visitation by your Pastor and the brethren.

*Your motive behind reading this devotional should be to learn and practice the teachings in it*.

Just as you plan to attend services in church, write in your jotter or diary what you intend to put into practice after learning.

PRAYER: Father, i receive the grace to practice the things i have learnt from your word In Jesus name.