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Psalm 92:13 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.

In a conference meeting, I heard about a young man who left the church where he was fed with God’s word in search of what wasn’t lost.

Probably, he was caught up with the attractive adverts of miracles and “It is happening here” syndrome common to some churches of our age.

After going round several churches for three years, he returned to his former Church and told the Pastor, *”I left this church ‘Nicodemusly’ after you gave me money. I’ve gone round for three years now I’m back*”.

In context of the scripture cited above, there’s a nexus between our rootedness in God’s house and our flourishing. I know alot of debate may arise on the phrase “house of the LORD”.

However, you should note that the opening text also use the word “planted” and not “transplanted”. When a crop is planted, it is one place but when transplanted, it is planted in one place, uprooted and replanted in another place.

For any plant to flourish, it needs stability and rootedness in one place. A tree that’ll produce fruit can’t be moving from one location to another and still bear fruit. It is impossible.

The bible is saying it is only those that are planted in the house of the Lord(referring to a church or body of believers) that’ll flourish. No child grows by eating from house-to- house. Only animals grow fat by eating around not humans.

Our spiritual growth follows the same pattern. You can’t be jumping from church to church and expect to grow spiritually.
Growth requires some measure of stability and constant feeding from a good source.

*One of the reasons some believers have not grown spiritually is because they have not been consistently fed with quality spiritual food from a stable source. The instability may not be from the source but they themselves have been unstable and truant in the place God planted them*.

They jump from programs to programs, prayer meetings to crusade programs. After going round, they may come in contact with diluted teachings and practices that are anti bible.

They sow huge seeds they can’t give to their churches in those programs. They feed other pastors fat and starve the pastor labouring over them. If this is your picture, please repent. Some left their God- assigned pastor for another pastor whom they felt is more anointed and popular.

*Some left church because of offence*. So bad. They’re seeking a perfect church where angels worship. Oh! Sorry, the true church of Christ is a project in progress where saints are been perfected. It is a hospital of “sick” people under the care of Dr. Jesus Christ.

*You will never find that kind of church you’re looking for until we get to heaven*. Be mature and stop being babyish. If you change church because some persons offended you, how many churches will you attend in your lifetime if you keep getting offended in every church you attend?

*Some missed it because they wanted to identify with a popular church in town at the expense of their spiritual growth while some are just seeking miracles instead of Jesus.*

Some have followed after empty boasts from some pulpits. They heard statements like: “Once you’re in my church, you’re covered”. Dearest, no man or church can provide whatever type of covering you need.

God didn’t give any pastor a ‘covering license’. Our covering from being defeated, shame and despair is in Christ not in a particular church. *Do not seek from men what only God has the prerogative to give*.

Stay where God has planted you. Make yourself available to be pastored by that humble servant of God. He may not have the glitz, glamour and popularity of the man next door, as long as God’s word is with him, stay there.

If you stay under that pastoral leadership that God has ordained for you, your miracle will reach you there. Keep loving God and seek him genuinely.

*PRAYER*: Father, I receive the grace to stay where you have planted me in Jesus name.