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Lamentations 4:12-13 Not a king in all the earth— no one in all the world— would have believed that an enemy could march through the gates of Jerusalem. Yet it happened because of the sins of her prophets and the sins of her priests, who defiled the city by shedding innocent blood” ( NLT).


Sometimes ago, I took an architect to see our ministry building project. When we got to site, he walked round and I told him the next phase is decking.

Though we had someone else supervising the building but due to his health, we carried on without him. The other guys gave me assurance of quality delivery.

However, I just had that nudge within to take an expert there and to consult a structural engineer.

He asked to know the size of the mat in the foundation. Since I’m not a builder, I decided to ask the man who did the iron work. He told us the dimension. The architect said that dimension can’t carry the load we want to put on it.

The structural engineer said same. We concluded on erecting new pillars in addition to the previous. However, the new pillars will be to specification and the process will be supervised.

I discovered that building engineers lay foundations considering the weight or load that will rest on the building.

If the load is heavier than what the foundation can carry, the building may collapse even before completion. The Lord began to point my attention to the importance of foundation in every aspect of our lives.

When the foundation of a facet of our life is faulty, a crash is inevitable except something is done to correct it. Negative foundations in life will lead to negative outcomes.

My mum shared an experience with me about a sister. This Christian sister wanted to marry an unbeliever. She knew in her mind the church would stand against.

She told her then fiancé how to answer likely questions from her pastor. She taught him Christian clichés like: “bless you”, “glory be to God” and others.

Both of them rehearsed it and they successfully passed the test. In her mind, she knew all these were wrong but foolish love combined with naivety ruled her mind.

Eventually, they married but that marriage didn’t last. The marriage crashed because the foundation was faulty. It was after she ran into crisis she opened up on what she did at the initial stage.

This is similar to the story of some even in church. They’re not careful to build their marriages, career, businesses, etc on a good foundation. Often, they assume prayer and fasting will take care of faulty foundation.

That’s not to berate prayer and fasting. However, it doesn’t make sense to plunge oneself into needless or avoidable battle and later trouble God for a solution. There are other things to pray about.

Pre marital sex is a wrong foundation for marriage. It prevents single from seeing the reality about the person they want to marry because emotions will becloud reasoning. It gives false reality that’ll be revealed later in marriage.

The blindness that premarital sex brings in courtship prevent singles from seeing what they ought to see about the person they want to marry. Later in marriage, reality will dawn on them.

Most chaotic marriages are traceable to faulty foundation. It could be a faulty foundation of not being led by God, ignoring red flags, not taking proper counsel or absent mindedness and insensitivity in courtship.

Rebellion is a wrong foundation for ministry. Any ministry founded on rebellion and breakaway will not last. It is just a matter of time before it crashes. The rebellious minister may be gifted and loaded but he won’t be needed by his generation.

God is not committed to anything built on unrighteous and unholy foundation. The Psalmist(89:14) says, “RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE ARE THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR THRONE; love and faithfulness go before you”.

*Even God himself didn’t compromise on the foundation of his throne despite being God. How can we build a balanced life on a weak foundation? Absolutely impossible.

People suffer needless pains, frustration and disappointments in life not because they’re bad but because of bad foundation upon which their lives is built upon.

I’m glad to tell you mercy is available. No matter how bad it is, mercy can prevail over judgement.

PRAYER: Father, visit my faulty foundation and correct it In Jesus name.