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Colossians4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.NIV


A prayer booster is any good thing that stirs you to pray. For me, anointed music does it. Once an anointed minstrel is singing, I can stay in the place of prayer for as long as I can.

In the morning when praying, often, I ensure quality Christian song is playing in the background. That’s my prayer booster. Every song( good or bad) creates a type of atmosphere.

Any time I feel dry and weak to pray, I would listen to some of those selected songs. As an aside, one of Don Moen’s songs titled “You Said” stirs in me more passion for missions.

I won’t forget watching Benny Hinn’s worship and healing meetings on my laptop. I’ll sit on the floor flowing along with the worship and from there i’ll take off into depth of fellowship.

Yours maybe different but you need to identify those things that serve as a booster for your prayer life.

It has helped many and it shall continue to help others. We were told by a trusted colleague years back that one of our fathers loves to see the image of a praying hand because it stirs him to pray.

Another prayer booster for me is being in an environment where people are praying.

Sometimes, when I go to prayer camps or mountains, seeing people praying normally push me to my knees.

Don’t surround yourself with prayer killers. Carnality can kill your prayer life.

Just as anointed music stir some people to pray and boost their prayer lives, carnal music and fleshly attachment can ruin your prayer life.

Carnality is the enemy of a virile prayer life.

God can do so much in our lives but He has chosen not to do much unless we give Him the express permission through our prayers.

The goal of identifying your prayer booster is to ensure that your prayer altar is red hot and flaming with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

PRAYER: Father, rekindle the fire on my prayer altar In Jesus name.