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Ephesians 1:17 asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of God ( NLT).

My little daughter told her mom that she watched film in her sleep. My wife told me what she said.

I decided to confirm from her what she meant. In her childishness, she said, “daddy, I watch film in my sleep”. I probed further to know the nature of “film”, she said “David and Goliath”.

That sounded hilarious at first but later I discovered she had a dream probably for the first time and she doesn’t know it was a dream she had.

A number of us are like that. God is speaking to us but we don’t know He is the one speaking. It is one thing for God to speak it is another thing for us to recognize his voice.

One out of the several reasons most believers do not recognize the voice of God is because they want a spectacular encounter. They want to hear God from a thunderstorm.

Oftentimes, we miss the supernatural because we’re seeking the spectacular. God chooses to encounter his children the way he decides not the way we want.

In ordinary ways that we don’t count, God can speak to us. If we’re not attuned to the spirit, we’ll commonize a divine encounter because it looks ordinary.

Quite a number of us are like Samuel who thought Eli was calling not knowing it was God. Probably, God’s voice sounded like that of Eli’s so he thought it was Eli.

The instruction and direction you’ve been asking God for may come through the lips of your pastor or a chosen vessel. Don’t think it is your Pastor or that vessel speaking, it is God.

I marvel when church folks pick a fight with their pastor for speaking on issues that address them. Often, some think it is because he is familiar with them.

No, that’s not true for genuine pastors who prayed to receive a message from God. In an inspired sermon, God has a way of speaking to us by addressing our issues head on. We may think it is the preacher speaking whereas it is God.

Another reason believers miss God is spiritual dullness. Many are dull and insensitive to the Spirit of God. They are more carnal than they are spiritual.

Some persons are like Jacob who had a close shave with divinity but didn’t know it not until after he awoke from the dream.

When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, β€œSurely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it( Genesis 28:16).

Long before he dreamt, God was in that place but he didn’t realize it because he was spiritually dull and insensitive.

The mind that is not renewed daily by God’s word and a life that is not committed to fellowshiping with God will be dull spiritually.

You can’t be committed to carnal things and still be sensitive to spiritual things. It is impossible.

As you load yourself with junks from unedifying films, music, books and other carnal things, you reduce your spiritual sensitivity.

Take practical steps and invest in your spirit man so that you will recognize God and not be dull to hearing.

PRAYER: Father, I receive the grace to recognize you even when it seems like an ordinary encounter. I receive the grace to focus on the things that’ll make sensitive in Jesus name.

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