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Job5:8 *“If I were you, I would go to God and present my case to him*.”

While growing up under my parents, my mum taught us to depend on God for everything and to pray about everything. Yes, I mean everything. She’s not in the class of those who think something is too small to tell God about.

For example, whenever we were looking for a lost item as small as a key, she would tell us to pray asking God to show us where the item was. Miraculously, we got answers every time.

Sometime ago, I needed a certain amount of money. I told someone to do a job for me on credit which is not my style. I told him I’ll pay before the end of the following month.

Sincerely, I did not have an expectation on where the money would come from. I was troubled in my heart that I was owing. I told my wife about it but I failed to tell God.

Most times, we are like that. We have pressing needs and issues bothering us, we tell everyone but we fail to tell the man that can give solution. Some of us tell our pastors but we don’t tell God.

On a fateful day, the Spirit of God reminded me that I have not asked the father to supply my need for that money. Reluctantly, I asked God to supply my need.

The prayer wasn’t as serious as it should but I asked anyway. A day or two after, a sister sent me SMS that I should send my personal account number.

I hesitated a bit because that was her first time of asking such. I was almost telling her not to worry because she was nursing a baby.

Reluctantly, I sent my account number to her. Lo and behold! She sent the exact amount I needed to pay the man I was owing. Hallelujah!!!

My mind went back to the time I prayed about my need. *Sometimes, we trivialize the effect of simple prayers and overlook issues instead of telling God about it*. Your prayer should be as simple as “God, help me”.

No matter how small it seems, God is interested in that matter. If I were you, I will tell it to God the way it is and leave it there in his presence. God is just a call away.

He is interested in minute details about our lives. *You must cultivate the habit of talking to God first before talking to men*. Learn to present every case to him, He is ready to answer.

PRAYER: Father, intervene in this matter(…mention the exact issue) and glorify yourself In Jesus name.