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Revelation 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works;…KJV


One of the defining encounter I had in my life that pointed me to the future was when I met a man who had a word from the Lord for me as he said.

After my final exams in the university, i decided to do a vigil praying from my hostel to our fellowship venue in the dead of the night. The darkness was palpable. Most students had gone home on holidays so there was dead silence around campus.

As I walked into our fellowship venue, a lawn tennis court, I was all alone praying when this young man came from nowhere to interrupt my prayers saying the Lord sent him to me in response to my prayers.

My prayers were more of enquiries about what next after school. One thing I noticed in my conversation with him was how he kept repeating the phrase ‘when i was on fire for God’. That phrase caught my attention. It is just like telling a story and saying ‘once upon a time’.

He knew there was a time in his life when he was burning, but the fire quenched. He was called into the ministry but he missed it along the line and went down. Obviously, I knew why his fire quenched- sexual immorality.

I know you’ve followed this series up to this point. I have attempted to profer biblical solutions on how to handle spiritual weakness and down times.

Per adventure I didn’t mention points that are relevant to your condition, the opening scripture profer a multi purpose solution.

It says that you should do the first works. In context of what we are teaching, what we are trying to say is that you should evaluate your life, remember the days when you were strong, recall the things you did that made you strong and do them again. That’s simple. Isn’t it?

Maybe all that has been said previously seems not to work for you, recall what you were doing before that made you strong in the Lord and keep doing them. Remember your unnegotiable personal consecration that kept you strong and do them.

The hair of Samson grew again and power was restored. The growing of hair( Nazirite )in the old testament is symbolic of personal consecration for those God has chosen.

Coming to this dispensation of ours, our personal consecration can’t be in keeping long hair but in doing the very things that brings closer to God in fellowship and infuses strength into us daily.

What matters to God is that you stay strong as long as you follow biblical pattern and principles. *There’s no weak believer that cannot regain his strength again.*

God is saying, “Return to your personal consecration, do the things you did at first that made you strong”.

ACTION POINT: Evaluate your walk with God, assess yourself and do the things you did at first. Return to your personal consecration.